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Anyone can experience a safe healthcare training environment at Vulabo.

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Vulabo is a 3D virtual healthcare simulation lab for everyone who prepare for disaster.

Starting from Triage and PPE training, Vulabo concentrates on developing healthcare education contents which were difficult to practice every day.

  • Virtual Patient System

    Our unique algorithm creates and provides nearly infinite number of virtual patients by course scenarios.

  • Smart Feedback

    Each course will be evaluated with accurate feedback based on EBP protocols.

  • Efficient Education

    Based on Micro-learning principles, core lesson will be learned in short time.

  • Evidence Based Medical Education

    With educational contents made by medical big data, worldwide guidelines and consultation from professional organizations, Evidence-based medical education is achieved.

  • Safe Education Environment

    Training can be done without being exposed to danger of infection and medical accidents.

  • Ease of Access

    Cross-platform access is supported in Smartphones, Tablets and PCs.

Education Course


Triage is the process of determining priority of patients' treatments by the severity of their condition. Vulabo supports START triage system to determine patients' care priority.

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Education Course

PPE Wearing and Removing

Personal Protective Equipment protect wearers from respiratory and contact infections. Following CDC's standards, Vulabo provides courses of putting on and removing PPEs.

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Education Course

Glasgow Coma Scale(GCS)

In the GCS course, you can evaluate the patient's level of consciousness by evaluating and scoring the patient's eye-opening response, speech response, and motor response.

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Educational Advisory Partners

To make a healthier and safer society, Vulabo makes an educational renovation with proven partners.

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